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McCartney's Regal 

of Kaskada

Traditional Gypsy Cob imp. UK

DOB: 2015

Colour:  Buckskin

Regal - Gypsy Cob
Regal - Gypsy Cob
Regal - Gypsy Cob
Regal - Gypsy Cob

McCartney's Regal of Kaskada is an amazing stallion with conformation and pedigree to die for. He has a small and sweat head and ears, a strong neck, short back with a long strong sloping shoulder, flat bones, wide chest and rounded croup with a well settled tail.

Pedigree: Regal is coming from one of the most esteemed lines of Traditional Gypsy Cobs - carrying the blood of legendary horses such as: The Lion King, Eddie Allock Black Horse, Old Henrys Horse, Old Pat or The Lob Eared Horse. His g. grand sire - McCartney's Highland Prince - Cookie is a well-known stallion around the world. Cookie is an outstanding producer of quality, titled and premium foals. He is the sire of one of the most prolific ever winning cobs in the show ring - Abbotswood Gorgie Boy - 5 out of 5 wins at the Championships, CHAMPION at The Royal Windsor Horse Show 2010.

Regal g. dam - is  McCartney's Rose an excellent producer. One of her colts is McCartney's Abbotswood aka Indie - Champion and Reserve Champion. Indie's daughter - McCartney's Daisy May starts her career in 2017 with already winning results, Daisy May won the large Nct class and went to be overall Coloured Champion, Next show she became Reserve Champion at Pembrokeshire County Show.


Regal sire Hilton -  started his show carrier in 2017 and he already got on his first show 10 titels including Champion and Supreme Champion. A week later during CHAPS show he got Champion in his category and Champion whole show.


Regal also has started his show carrier, he won his first show UK, he is starting lovely his showing carrier (2017). Now he stands at our Kaskada Stud and he starts his Combined Driving Competition. His first competiotion (2020) and he won National Combined Driving Competition in Poland. Second National Competition (2021) in his life and he won dressage, marathon and obstacles, after 3 days he was again on the firtst place.

Regal has everything from a perfect conformation, color to a hug all over personality, movement to die for and huge talent for driving.

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