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     Welcome to our small family Gypsy Cobs stud.

We are so happy to introduce you our unique family stud, running by us - Kasia & Patryk. We are specialising in breeding proper Gypsy Cobs. We focused mainly on proper confirmation of Gypsy Cobs and later on colour of a Gypsy.


     Our horses are a major part of our family's life and we thoroughly enjoy being with them every single day.

Our horses:

- have yearly vaccinations against Tetus and Flu,

- have regular dental check,

- every 7th-8th week have hooves triminig,

- receive regular warming tratments,

- have access to grass, fresh water, hard feed and stabling.

 We can help you to make your dreams come true.

If you are looking for a dream Gypsy Cob please contact us by:

- email: